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Welcome to the Peace Corps - Malawi

This site was created to share Peace Corps experiences and resources with others. The Peace Corps program in Malawi was established shortly before independence in 1963 following an invitation by the Government of Malawi.  Since then, more than 2,600 Volunteers have served in Malawi.  Currently, 130 Peace Corps Volunteers are serving throughout the country.

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Education 2013 PCVs pose with the Peace Corps Global Director, US Ambassador to Malawi and the Regional Director for Africa after swearing-in



  • CAPITAL CITY – Lilongwe
  • LARGEST CITY – Lilongwe
  • OFFICIAL LANGUAGE(S) – Chichewa, English 
  • AREA (KM2) – 118,484 km22
  • POPULATION – 16,407,000 (2013 estimate)
  • GDP – $4.265 million (2012 estimate)
  • CURRENCY – Kwacha (D) (MWL)